Fast, fluent, and Flexible

Most copywriters get copywriting. Having been a packaging designer, managing editor, design critic, and brand consultant, I bring a lot more to the table. I understand graphic design and the creative process. I work closely with designers to come up with concepts, and write content that either evokes imagery or pays off on any visuals they’re using. And my experience in branding is a secret weapon you can draw on for working on client brands, or even pitching brand projects.

As for media, I’ve written brand guidelines, print collateral, all manner of online content, and magazine articles, for different audiences and industries, as well as personal creative stuff (mostly humorous).

You’ll see that most of my copywriting samples are from High-Tech companies. You’ll also see that I can take highly complex subject matter and tell stories about it that anyone can understand. So that’s my specialty. But I’ve also written for restaurants, construction, luxury apartments and so on. That’s because I like learning about new things and am willing to dig into a subject or market until I understand what it’s all about. And I understand that you’re the real expert in your field. Go ahead and tell me when I’m off base—I can take it.

If it takes ten rounds, it takes ten rounds.


Sometimes smart people with good ideas get into the weeds during the writing process. Sometimes a professional writer you work with misses the mark. If you have some copy you’re not crazy about, I can help you find and correct errors and continuity issues, and smooth out stiff or awkward language. Or liven it up. Or make it shorter. Or fill it out. Tell me what bugs you about the material, and I’ll prune it up nicely for you.

I’ve edited hundreds of articles and papers over the last twenty years, both as managing editor of a professional quarterly and as a freelance copywriter. I’m fast, accurate, and organized. And I can mimic a writer’s voice or style if that’s what you need.