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I’ve been writing websites, email campaigns, blogs, banner ads, and short-form content since Netscape’s browser came out in 1996. We weren’t sure what the Web was yet. But common sense told me to keep the message short and to the point; make it memorable by telling stories; and tell your stories from your readers’ point of view. Since that’s what all good writing is about, it wasn’t such a stretch to move online. One difference is that readers find you in different ways, so you have to be very clear about who you are, what you stand for, and where you’re coming from on every page. And since every reader can chime in, you find out what works and what doesn’t pretty quick.

Ness Campbell Website

NessCampbell (link) is a Crane and Rigging company: they lift and move huge things like bridges and delicate things like Daytona 500 autos. Their old website…