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Print allows you to control the sequence, set the context, and control who gets access to the material. It demands close attention to the reader’s needs and interests, and it tasks you to create pacing. Long stretches of text should alternate with short headlines, insets, and blurbs. Sentences should vary in length and rhythm. You also have to account for skimmers—people who don’t read every line in order, but flip back and forth among captions, graphics, headlines, and subheads, and occasionally dip in to read sections that catch their eye.

Applied Materials – Xian

Applied Materials, the company that makes the machines that make the technologies, was opening a state-of-the-art, showplace, solar panel factory in Xian, China. They wanted a…

Applied Materials Ad

Design: Larsen Menlo Park This was a series of three ads based on a contrarian approach: “This is not a ______.” (Thank you, Magritte.) Applied’s intent…