Executive Ghost

I've done lots of language work with creative firms, so I can support you behind the scenes in lots of ways. Copywriting for all media. Brand language and guidelines. Concepting. Naming. Ghostwriting. Interviews with stakeholders and expert sources. Brainstorming sessions. Choose the ghost you need.

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Brand Themes and Guidelines

As a former brand consultant, design critic, and designer, I can write the brand language, explain the messaging behind the visual systems, and describe the toolbox. The samples show a few pages from some full-length guidelines.

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Brochures and Reports

In most cases, I’m brought in to develop an over-arching narrative for a high-tech brand. The trick is to translate complicated, arcane information—which many non-high-tech clients also start with—into a human story.

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Campaign Concepts

These are almost always collaborative projects, bouncing ideas among directors, designers, other writers, and clients. I start things off by setting up keywords and concept buckets.

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Remember when Netscape came out and everyone was scrambling to figure out the Internet? That's when I started writing for online media. Kind of wish we'd had the 140-character rule then.

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The lighter side of Miz—articles on design, dog lit, and a modest proposal.

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Naming is hard—all the good ones are taken. I combine structured approaches with free association to tease out the meanings.

Most of my work involves giving a clear voice to complex or obscure content. Sometimes in just two words.